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Before you order online check the contact page for a store near you.

Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuits – Technology Key-


Flash System
Express Opening System
Triathlon Wetsuit Express Opening System
It’s that easy, pull UP to open and DOWN to close!
Friction Free Collar
All triathlon wetsuits are designed to avoid friction on the neck. No seams against the skin and no contact with the Velcro components.
Flexible Zip
Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuit Flexible Zipper
The flexible zipper will stretch and mold with the curve of your back, shoulder, and neck, making the suit very comfortable.
Arm Propeller
Aquaman Wetsuit for Triathlons with arm propeller
The embedded grooves will grip the water in the pull phase of the stroke and allow a better propulsion.
Neoprene Flexor by Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuits
The flexor is a thinner piece of neoprene with Ultra Flex textile inside which is designed to release pressure on the lower back and knees during the swim.
Ultra Flex Neoprene by Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuits
The use of thinner neoprene and textile (Ultra Flex) provides faster removal of the wetsuit.