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Putting the Wetsuit On and Taking It Off:

How to Close an Aquaman Wetsuit:

To close the Zipper you need to reach behind your neck and put the two piece zipper together (click for photo). (just like you would do for a jacket.) When you have the two pieces together reach back with your left hand and pull down with the string and at the same time hold the right top of the collar with your right hand. When the zipper is down put the string behind the velcro at the top. It takes a little practice, (like any new things you buy) to do it yourself but after a few tries you will be able to do it yourself like thousands other happy Aquaman customers.

What to look for when sizing a wetsuit:

You need to know that the top of the line Cell Gold and Bionik have a longer torso to accommodate tall people, like a lot of the top athletes. If you are a 6’2″ person trying to get into a medium ADN chances are the torso is going to be too short and the suit too tight, especially in the back. You will put a lot of tension at the bottom of the zipper and the neoprene may give up after too much stretching. This athlete will be a lot more comfortable in a Cell Gold or Bionik medium.

Long legs are not so important because you can pull the legs of the suit a little over the calves without causing any tension on the suit or discomfort for the swimmer.

The sleeves need to come above the wristwatch and snug under the armpits. When the athlete is in the suit have them cross their arms in front and see how tight the neoprene is between the pectoral and the shoulders. If you have too many wrinkles and the neoprene is too loose, this means that the suit may be too big. Try one size under.

Make sure the neoprene is nice and snug around the arms, especially for the ladies who sometimes have thin arms.

For sleeveless models, the ladies need to be two sizes under to make sure the neoprene is nice and tight in front. Otherwise when they go in the water the neoprene will expand and cause a lot of water drag resulting in poor performance.

The provided sizing chart is only a guide for you to start with. However, the best way to know if the size is correct is to look if the neoprene is loose on the chest and arms and see how the athlete feels in the suit. If their chest is too compressed you may have to go one size up.

Wetsuit Care:

For detailed instructions on care of your Aquaman Wetsuit, click here.

Helpful Hints:

When you put the wetsuit on, always work your way up and do not pull the suit from the top. Never dig the fingernails into the neoprene as this will result in a tear that sometimes can’t be fixed. Keep the hands flat or pinch the neoprene lightly. A sweaty person will have a tougher time to get into a wetsuit because the textile inside will be dry and the body will be wet. Try to have the socks on or use a plastic bag over the feet to allow the legs to slide easier into the wetsuit.

The main difference between the Bionik and the ADN is that the torso is shorter on the ADN and the legs for the ADN are NOT treated with SCS. The ADN will fit fine if you are 6 feet tall or under.