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Aquaman would like to thank the many coaches who support and promote Aquaman Wetsuits to their athletes and teams.

Two Tri Coaches – Lew Kidder and Karen McKeachie
We specialize in training programs specifically tailored to fit your life. No cookie cutters in our tool drawer. We interview you at length to learn your athletic background, your goals for the future, the resources to which you have access, and how sports need to fit into your life.

Russo Racing – Peter Russo
After more than 25 years of training and racing and 8 years of coaching the thought of upcoming races and hard training sessions still excites me. I am just as excited to see the training and racing achievements of those I coach as I am of any of my own results. I believe in tailoring training programs to each person and their life at the moment. Training and racing is supposed to be fun. If you are not having fun and enjoyment in your training and racing then it is so much more difficult to achieve your goals.
Telephone: (401) 286-2865

Steve Pyle

Coach Steve has trusted and raced in Aquaman Wetsuits since 1999!

Peter Kotland
Twitter @peterkotland
email is

Daniel Smith
Facebook Page

Franco Zuccoli
Exercise and Wellness Expert

t: (781)  526-4555

Heath Thurston
Orem Utah