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With the neoprene directly in contact with the skin, the entry of water is almost non-existent, and retention of water is at a minimum.

Aquaman Cell Gold– Almost Zero Water Retention
A truly lighter, warmer second skin, the new Aquaman Triathlon wetsuit is rocking the work of Triathlon. We have succeeded in rendering a high performing wetsuit currently unmatched on the Market. We are talking about a breakthrough in the Technology of Wetsuit manufacturing.

The Metal Cell used by Aquaman insures a better swim time. To improve warmth and lightness of the wetsuit, these two being the most critical to wetsuit performance, the ideal is to offer direct neoprene to skin contact instead of skin to textile contact. The ideal suit-to-skin wetsuit design has been difficult to achieve until now, Aquaman introduced a new and improved neoprene laminated textile.

The side against the skin is a thin slice of neoprene called Metal Cell cut at 0.5mm and treated with SCS to facilitate sliding on and off the Wetsuit; the Metal Cell is then glued to the textile already laminated to the exterior of the neoprene. The textile is no longer visible, but still there as it holds seams together. Sandwiched between the two layers of neoprene, the textile is no longer in direct contact with the water. Water absorption therefore becomes practically non-existent, while the warm factor is maximized since your body will have less water to heat.